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Although the State of California provides the foundation for each of the 58 counties to operate, the manner in which records are stored and retrieved vary immensely.  Regrettably, many County and City Engineers do not consider the maintenance of land surveying records to be a high priority.  Consequently, it can be a very trying experience locating and researching valuable land surveying records.

In many instances, private land surveyor records, maintained by private firms may provide the best evidence as to the historic and correct location of critical land surveying monuments.

When working in a new county or neighborhood, it is recommended that you contact local surveyor(s) familiar with the area.  It is not uncommon to learn that there are certain Land Surveyors who specialize in select neighborhoods or cities within each county.  For example, in the County of San Diego, neighborhoods such as La Jolla, Mission Beach, and Palomar Mountain each require unique and special knowledge of local surveying problems as well as the location and repository of land surveying records.  In Marin County, due to the absence of a solid land records base, private survey notes may provide the best available evidence as to the location of subdivision boundaries, right of way lines, and historic control monuments.  Anyone working in these areas is advised to extend their research to include private survey records.

We have included a map of the State of California to facilitate your research efforts.  The various counties are hyper-linked to expedite your research efforts.  It is suggested you visit the County Research Tips page, when one exists, so you can find more tips.

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