WWW.TIEPOINTS.COM has been developed to assist  Professional Land Surveyors and others interested in researching and obtaining copies of vital survey records throughout the State of California.  It also provides a means of contacting Land Surveyors in your community or county.

Although the general format for preparing and filing Corner Records and Record of Survey Maps is governed by the Professional Land Surveyors Act, the manner in which land survey records are maintained varies from county to county.

Many survey records are un-recorded and  in many instances, contain valuable information.  The mere fact that a survey plat or field notes are not recorded is generally insufficient grounds for rejecting unrecorded or undocumented survey monuments.

In several instances, local agencies and municipalities do not maintain an organized database of recorded maps and records.  As a result, private individuals have developed their own proprietary databases.  These are available for purchase or they can be researched by the private research analyst.

To research the various state counties, you can locate a link by visiting either an alphabetical listing of the counties or by viewing a state map.

The online links can be found at the right hand side of the page.  Whenever more detailed research tips are found, they will be clearly identified on each page with the search box.  For an example of a research tips page, click the following link.  When research tips are available, a link will be provided on the left hand side of the page.  The example on this page provides a link to researching records in San Diego County.

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